For the Betterment of Soccer

For the Player, the  Parent, the Coach, the Fan and the Administrator

Welcome to the WSA soccer blog. My name is Eduardo Badescu and I have created this blog to generate contemplation about the state of the great game of soccer in Manitoba and Canada, as well as to provoke discussion. the line up photoI believe if we can talk about the issues surrounding the game of soccer, then we can change for the better, the game of soccer for all the stakeholders… players, parents, fans, coaches, and administrators.

I have a simple goal… to improve the game of soccer at all skill levels and at all stages of life. I have spent a lifetime learning, enjoying and experiencing the great game of soccer. I would like to repay the game that has provided me with so much, for the betterment of soccer, by offering myself as a catalyst for discussion and perhaps change.

My overall aim is to help create a road map of what needs to happen to improve the game of soccer. Creating interest in topics that affect the stakeholders who are committed to the game.

Having been in business and professional football for almost 25 years, I have learned that there are many factors crucial for success in sport. This blog will be a valuable mechanism to create awareness and discussion about leadership, team building and communication. These issues are important in soccer and in life.

A life-long passion for the game of soccer depends upon a sense of connectivity and belonging to the game. In turn, this stems from positive early experiences, which largely rely on both the availability and correct presentation of sustainable development programs to children and young adults by coaches, parents, and community partners. In other woWSA huddle picrds, we all have a role to play in ensuring a positive experience for our children and future soccer stars. Through this blog and the resources within our website I look forward to helping you as well.

WSA and I in particular want to be a positive and constructive resource that can inspire Winnipeggers. It has been said, “In life you will find people that will go out of their way to help you while others will go out of their way to hurt you. In the end you will be thankful to them both.” The meaning: We learn equally from the good and bad things that happen to us in life – the key is to learn. We hope you find this blog useful and look forward to interacting with you.